RDASoft.Net let us manage your business technology software application development and network services

  Because of the relationship between the various software applications required to run a business today.  Our software development services are not confined to software / application development, but to the requirements, selection, procurement, integration, support of all your software.


   We will develop custom software applications for your business, to fill a gap between what's available and your requirements.  We will also manage the integration of multiple applications, from various vendors, installed simultaneously or in a staged roll-out.


   Generally speaking most vendors are concerned with only their application.  It is our job to look at all aspects of your technology, the network, software, personnel, and processes involved from each point in the organization.


   We do not intend our development efforts to replace existing systems or to compete with line of business applications.  We do develop software that fills the gap between commercial software and specific line of business applications.


   We do not represent any accounting software, customer management program, data warehousing systems, e-Business application, financial system, etc....  We will work with or as your IT department to ensure your needs are met.


  We will extend the capabilities, where possible, to fulfill your needs from your current application.  Sometimes this means setting requirements and having your vendor do the work, sometimes they cannot or will not make modifications to the application, or the costs are to high.  We will help you determine what the best course of action is.


Your business is unique, some to most of your processes will be the same as other organizations in your market.  Its the things you do different that gives you a competitive advantage. Getting your technology to support your unique business requirements is where

 we work, most vendors have their box and you work to fit into their model.  Sometimes you need more, this is where someone dedicated to your business systems can fill the gaps.


It is said that most software implementations fail to meet the business goals.  People its reported are the biggest barriers.  Not everyone is a project manager, a technology wizard, a down in the dirt details person.  When using in house personnel there are also huge time constraints.  Generally they must ensure their existing workload is up to date and carry the ball forward to achieve the goals of the new software.  It can work but statistically both suffer.


We can help.



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