RDASoft.Net let us manage your business technology software application development and network services

Your computer department, on call


  Business critical services are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make your problems our problem.  Our clients count on us to be there when they have a problem, our job is to make sure they don't have one.


   We work with or as your computer department, if your organization needs help maybe we can be of service.  At RDA we are here for the long term, we stay with you, from our first project together, till you have the expertise on staff to support your systems without us, we will be there.  So getting to know your business is important, it is the only way we can learn what solutions will fit the way you do business.


  We are here to help keep you from being overwhelmed by the details of technology. We will compile the information required for you to make informed decisions.  Remember this is not about computers, its about business, as such we will work with your sales, marketing, legal, financial, insurance, utilities, and technology providers.  Our intention is to be available to solve your business issues thru the use of technology.


  Acting as your computer department, we will help align your technology purchasing, processes and distribution of products or services, to your priorities. In any given project, we may supply some components, other organizations will supply other components.   We will be responsible and handle the coordination of the entire process, making sure the proposed solution does not unnecessarily disrupt your day to day operations. And that it will come in on budget and does not lose sight of your goals. Technology for technologies sake is not good business.


   When its all installed and everything is humming along, we are there to help you make the most out of your systems.  Again we work for you and our main concern is the technological operation of your business.  We have no allegiance to one vendor or solution, as such if someone does not live up to their agreements we will replace them.  You need flexibility  to compete in today's changing business environment, we are here to help you though the changes and to keep your systems in tune with your business.


  Do not allow one of your vertical application solution providers to manage your project. We believe having an organization such as RDA assist you in the process, you will have a system that meets your need not a package they have to offer.  There is no magic or secret to a successful project, just a lot of details that must be gathered, coordinated and disseminated to all the interested parties.


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